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“Earpers inspire us every day. So, when they went ‘all in’ for responsible environmental stewardship, we decided to follow their lead. Our partnership with Carbonfund.org is the perfect way to not only recognize and offset the impact of our business on the environment, but also allows us to create positive change.”

            – Kristin Gunning, Co-Director of Operations and Logistics

Everyday activities, such as driving a car and turning on lights, result in the release of carbon due to the widespread use of fossil fuels. Earp Expo is committed to reduce its impact on the environment by being a carbon neutral event.

What is Carbon Neutrality?

Carbon neutrality refers to achieving zero net carbon emissions. In other words, activities that release carbon into the atmosphere (e.g. burning fossil fuels) are offset by activities that reduce carbon in the atmosphere (e.g. restoring forest ecosystems).

How will Earp Expo Offset Carbon Emissions?

Earp Expo is partnering with Carbonfund.org to offset its carbon emissions during the event. A portion of the proceeds from each ticket sold will be put directly into carbon reducing projects. For more information on Carbonfund.org visit their website.

How much Carbon will Earp Expo Offset?

Earp Expo plans to offset carbon emissions from basic event operations, including venue electricity use, food production, shipping, and ground transportation. In addition, travel by attendees to the convention will be offset.

Earp Expo is pleased to announce we offset a total of 249.35 tonnes of carbon emissions generated during our 2019 event. The purchased offsets contributed to reforestation/forest preservation projects in Brazil, Panama, and the Mississippi River Valley. For more information, visit https://carbonfund.org/projects.

Curious about your carbon footprint?

Check out Carbonfund.org's carbon calculator to determine your impact.

Check out our carbon offset certificates!

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