Director of Logistics

Hailing from Baltimore, MD, Kristin is a self-proclaimed "OG Earper" that has been following Wynonna Earp since Kirsten got off the bus. Prior to her current profession as an Environmental Consultant, Kristin ran an environmental education program where she gained experience organizing large scale events. As Co-Director of Operations, Kristin is responsible for overseeing day-to-day operations and convention logistics. 

Favorite WE Episode: 205 Lets Pretend We're Strangers and 307 I Fall To Pieces

Favorite WE Quote: "She ain't nobody's but her own."

Current TV Obsession: Killing Eve

Favorite Drink: Whiskey Neat

Dream WE Guest Star: Tatiana Maslany



Director of Operations

Jasmine is a gay Latina-American residing in South Florida. She is a corporate vendor manager specific to insurance services. Jasmine has extensive event experience with Fortune 500 insurance companies.  She lives with her wife and two very needy fuzzy pet-children.

Favorite WE Episode: 306 If We Make it Through December

Favorite WE Quote: "I'm here and I Stay."

Current TV Obsession: Gentleman Jack

Favorite Drink: Grenade

Dream WE Guest Star: Suranne Jones



Media Director

Danielle is an openly queer graphic designer. She has previously co-chaired several annual company events hosting 300+ attendees and in college her production company organized shows for bands from all over the US and Japan. She currently works for the Louisville health department as a Graphic Specialist but resides in southern Indiana with her fiancee Casey.

Favorite WE Episode: 211 Gone As a Girl Can Get and 307 I Fall To Pieces

Favorite WE Quote: "You do not interrupt a girls bread course."

Current TV Obsession: Person of Interest

Favorite Drink: Coffee, Coffee, and more Coffee

Dream WE Guest Star: Amy Acker or Sophia Bush



Security Director

Heidi is a Mississippi born and Georgia bred fangirl. When not indulging in her television and Twitter obsessions, she laces up a pair of steel toe boots and gets her hands dirty operating robotics in the manufacturing industry. Stop by and say hi when you’re in NOLA for Earp Expo! She’s looking forward to meeting as many Earpers as she can!

Favorite WE Episode: 307 I Fall To Pieces

Favorite WE Quote:  "That's more cramped than the canoe I lost my virginity in."

Current TV Obsession: Gentleman Jack

Favorite Drink: All the tea

Dream WE Guest Star: Reba McEntire


Social Media Coordinator

Originally from Taiwan, Jo currently attends Penn State University and is working towards her Bachelor of Arts in Communications, (Advertising/PR). Affectionately known as "Baby Unicorn", Jo assists with fundraising and promotion via social media. Jo's experience organizing and participating in university sponsored fundraising events, in addition to, her social media reach make her a valuable asset to the Earp Expo team.

Favorite WE Episode: 307 I Fall To Pieces

Favorite WE Quote: "Eat shit, shit-eaters"

Current TV Obsession: Killing Eve

Favorite Drink: Tea

Dream WE Guest Star: Jodie Comer


Customer Engagement

Deva is a daycare worker in Jackson Mississippi. She has a degree in World religions and wants to travel the world to learn & experience them. She is very passion about human rights and volunteers for organizations in her hometown. She has made many friends through the Earper fandom and plans on meeting more throughout conventions. She is beyond excited to be apart of the staff team for Earp Expo! 

Favorite WE Episode: 209 Forever Mine Nevermind

Favorite WE Quote: "Lets just be who we really are."

Current TV Obsession: Euphoria

Favorite Drink: Sprite

Dream WE Guest Star: Danielle Rose Russell

Christine's bio pic.jpg


Volunteer Coordinator

Christine can often be found providing support at multiple conventions in various positions. She was presented with the opportunity to be Team Lead of the Auto Room for Earp Expo 2019. For some reason the organizers thought that she did a fantastic job running the Auto Room that they had the crazy idea of inviting her to join the madness as an official staff member. With her hair up in a clip and glasses, you can normally find her running around trying to multitask. With Christine’s aplomb, you can be sure she is constantly trying to do her best under any circumstance.

Favorite WE Episode: 211 Gone as a Girl can Get and 305 Jolene

Favorite WE Quote:  “I am here and I stay and I love them back and I never, never, never give up on them.”

Current TV Obsession: FoodNetwork, Travel Channel, and Discovery Channel… Yes I know...

Favorite Drink: Thai Ice Tea or Milk Tea with boba

Dream WE Guest Star: Chyler Leigh

EARP EXPO has been postponed until Summer 2021!

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